Area Media Outlets Partner with MedStar on Heat-Related Stories

As the temperature rises to dangerous levels in the DFW metroplex, several media outlets partnered with MedStar to educate the community on staying safe from the heat this summer.

Special thanks to all our media partners, and to all our team members for assisting with the media coverage, especially the following employees for their special assistance with all these reports:

  • Marshall Sharp
  • Carl Montoya
  • Raylon Bryant
  • Briley White
  • Heath Stone

Here are individual links to the various news stories:

CBS 11 6p Lead Story (6/17/16)

CBS 11 10p Lead Story (6/17/16)

ABC 8 Ride Along (6/17/16)

NBC 5 Mention (6/17/16)

FOX 4 Mention (6/17/16)

CBS 11 Live from MedStar 1 (6/16/16)

CBS 11 Live from MedStar 2 (6/16/16)

CBS 11 5p Evening Interview (6/15/16)