Assoc. Director Receives 2009 EMS 10 Award


Matt Zavadsky, MedStar's associate director for operations, received an EMS 10: Innovators in EMS 2009 award. Zavadsky was honored for his work developing MedStar's new Community Health Program, which identifies the systems’ top users and creates community care plans for them, reducing critical overloading of EMS system transportation resources and offering alternative treatment and transportation options for this identified patient population. 

Recipients were judged on their fulfillment of at least one of the following 2009 criteria:


  • Introduced or published a new clinical or operational program or concept that constitutes an extraordinary contribution to prehospital emergency medicine;
  • Revised a local protocol or standard operating procedure (SOP) that significantly enhanced the efficiency, safety or quality of EMS care or the work environment for EMS personnel;
  • Implemented a unique educational model or recruitment and retention program that drastically increased or improved the local workforce;
  • Spearheaded the development of a new state or regional group or agreement in an effort to improve preparedness for major incidents. 


Zavadsky (pictured third from left) recieved the award during the opening ceremonies of the EMS Today Conference & Exposition in Baltimore, Md.