Bicycle Support Group Provides Funding for MedStar Bicycle Medic Program

October 23, 2019 (Fort Worth, TX) Thanks to the generosity of the Fort Worth Police Bicycle Support Group (PBSG), MedStar’s Bicycle Emergency Response Team (BERT) has added two state of the art bicycles to its fleet, plus uniforms and specialized equipment.

The PBSG is a committee of One Safe Place, the Tarrant County Crime Prevention Agency, which assists officers of the Fort Worth Police Bike Patrol Unit and other bike-certified officers across the department by providing equipment, uniforms, special training, and recognition.

“The uniforms and equipment allows us to increase the number of BERT members to accommodate the growing number of events the team covers. It will also enhance the services we provide to Fort Worth PD as part of the West 7th initiative”, explains Mike Potts, MedStar’s Manager over the BERT program.

Matt Beard, Chairman of the PBSG said “MedStar’s BERT program provides vital medical services in areas that are traditionally challenging for other vehicles to navigate, such as the Fort Worth Arts Festival, Alliance Air Show, and of course, weekends in the West 7th Entertainment District. We are happy to support this valuable partnership.”

Since the West 7th program was initiated in September of 2018, bicycle medics have treated 183 patients, reduced ambulance responses into the district by 72% and fire department medical responses by 53%. 92 patients have been treated by MedStar’s BERT medics without the need for any other emergency vehicle response into the district.

“We are extremely grateful to the Fort Worth Police Bicycle Support Group for this donation.” explains Doug Hooten, MedStar’s CEO. “MedStar is a governmental agency providing essential emergency medical services to our region and the generosity of the PBSG helps fund MedStar’s initiatives that are designed to enhance the critical services we provide our community.”