MedStar proudly introduces the new Critical Care Transport service


MedStar now provides Critical Care Transport service for inter-facility transports originating within the MedStar service area, as well as long distance transports.


MedStar's Critical Care Transport ambulance is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to transport the critical patient in a mobile hospital setting.


The specially outfitted ambulance, staffed by an Advanced Practice Paramedic, is capable of transporting patients while maintaining the highest levels of care.


Advanced care now covers:

  • cardiac patients receiving vasoactive, anticoagulant, or fibrinolytic infusions,


  • mechanically ventilated patients,


  • patients needing invasive monitoring,


  • patients undergoing IABP therapy, or


  • any patient needing continuous ICU level care en route.




                 Critical Care Transport Ambulance

Specialized monitor with expanded monitoring capabilities


Electric hydraulic cot

Drugs equivalent to those used in hospital intensive care units

Pulse generator (external pace maker)

Multiple IV pumps