Kiddo's Selected for MedStar Trick or Treat Event

For the 7th year in a row, MedStar is taking two children out for Halloween in a very special Fort Worth neighborhood.  This program is designed for kids who might not normally be able to go trick or treating due to medical restrictions.

Two amazing kids, and their families, have been selected for this year's event.

Patient #1: Benjamin (Ben)

Medical History:

  • 7 y/o, Dx – Extra-chromosomal Disorder which has impacted his development and causes intractable epilepsy.



  • Mother is primary care giver and will accompany in the ambulance

  • Mom has a twin sister - Amber

  • 4 ‘siblings’ and grandmother will follow in a separate vehicle

  • Family dressing up in “Frozen” theme, Ben will be Kristoff


Patient #2: Kennedy

Medical History:

  • 16 y/o, translocation of 11 & 12 chromosomes


  • Mom (Leslie Price) will accompany in the ambulance

  • Family will follow in a single vehicle

  • Father – Art

  • Nephews; Jackson, Jett, Dillon, Greyson

  • Family dressing as cast of Inside Out – kids movie about emotions that manifest in real characters