MedStar Continues Exceeding Response Time Goals!

May 2010 was the 2nd month in a row MedStar's response time performance exceeded the standards.

MedStar achieved system-wide 90.5 percent Priority 1 response time compliance for the month of May. (MedStar’s goal is to respond to at least 90 percent of 9-1-1 calls within designated time frames. Response time reliability is measured by the percentage of calls that meet those time goals.)

This is historic because for years, MedStar contractors operated under an agreement that allowed them to exempt reporting late calls during times of system overload. This meant that when the system got really busy, the late calls that occurred during the busy time were not counted negatively toward response time compliance.

In October 2008 the Area Metropolitan Ambulance Authority voted to eliminate the overload exemption from response time compliance calculations. Further, the AMAA Board also approved the inclusion of canceled calls in the response time compliance calculations, effective January 2010. In the past, if MedStar was 12 minutes into a Priority 1 response, but never made in on scene, that call did not count as a late call, even though we were canceled after our response time limit was breeched.

Consequently, MedStar now has one of the most strict response time guidelines in the entire EMS industry by having to respond to 90 percent of our Priority 1 calls in 9 minutes or less.

 This is the 2nd time in MedStar’s history this Priority 1 response time goal has been met when not counting for exemptions.