MedStar Announces Invisible Bracelet Roll Out

Imagine EMS crews find you unconscious at a local mall, but have no idea about your medical history, in particular medics want to know what drug allergies you may have or what medications you’re taking.  If medical transport to a hospital was needed, how would your loved ones be notified in a timely manner?  In the past, medics had to rummage through purses and wallets for patient identity or rely on the patient themselves but today, you can register for a web-based program that gives EMS crews the ability to see all your medical information and with one click, contact anyone you want to be notified in case of emergency.


The Invisible Bracelet® program allows people to register their medical information and emergency contacts on a secure web site accessible to MedStar personnel while on scene, at the patient’s side.  So, if the patient has diabetes, MedStar personnel will know not only about the diabetes history, but also how much insulin the patient takes, the hospital they prefer, or any other information the patient chooses to put into the Invisible Bracelet program.  Once the patient is stabilized, the MedStar crew can click one button on the patient’s Invisible Bracelet profile and send a notice to all the patient’s emergency contacts by voice message, e-mail or even text message that the patient is being transported and the hospital destination.


To learn more and to enroll in the Invisible Bracelet program, visit