MedStar Crew Performs a Different Kind of Rescue!

A true example of providing "rescue" services for those in need in our community.

On Friday, December 28, Ruben Cisneros and Tyler Wilson on MedStar Unit 40 discovered a homeless family in a parking lot near their posting location in south Fort Worth.

The family related they had recently become homeless and had not eaten in a couple of days.  Ruben bought the family lunch and began working with MedStar administration to assist with getting the family help, especially considering the upcoming cold weather conditions.

After several calls, shelter for the family was determined, but they had no transportation. Ruben and Tyler transported the family, with all their belongings, in their ambulance to the shelter, where they were welcomed with open arms.

Ruben also made arrangements through his church to donate $100 to the family to help.

Bradley Blackburn from WFAA ABC-8 chronicles this event, including an interesting "back story" about Ruben.  

Click here to view the ABC news story.