MedStar featured on WFAA News 8

MedStar’s soon-to-be-launched Community Health Program was featured last night on WFAA News 8. 


The Community Health Program is designed to treat habitual EMS users from needing to call 9-1-1. In 2008, 21 patients resulted in 812 9-1-1 transports by MedStar.  Often these patients are using EMS as a “healthcare safety net”; not treating minor health problems until they become major problems (not managing their diseases, which results in seizures, falls, etc) or they’re hospital shopping for food, drugs, etc.



Under this pilot program an individualized care plan with be developed for select patients, and MedStar medical staff will regularly schedule in-home visits with them to assess their health needs, ensure they’re taking their medications, eating as needed, and provide some social interaction. In addition, under their individual care plans these patients will be assigned to an area hospital when it comes to MedStar transport, which will cut down on those who “hospital shop”.


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