MedStar Implements Saftey Measures During Ice Storm

MedStar Reinstates Road Safety Measures as Ice Storms Return

Deana Boyde, Star Telegram


As ice makes road conditions treacherous once again, MedStar reinstates safety measures.

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Weather Causing Blood Shortage and Increased 9-1-1 Calls

Jan Jarvis, Star Telegram


 Icy roads have caused a drop in blood donations and a rise in calls to 9-1-1.

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MedStar Ambulance Calls Increase

Joel Thomas, CBS 11


MedStar handles increase in call volume, but not always for the most expected reasons.

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MedStar Responds to Calls for Falls, Breathing Problems and Traffic Accidents

Mitch Mitchell, Star Telegram


9-1-1 Calls for traffic accidents have been above average but not as high as with previous ice storm events in DFW.  However, calls for falls, on-set of labor and breathing problems are up sharply.

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Extra Crews Prepare for Wednesday's Commute

Brandon Todd, FOX4


MedStar comments on preparations and saftey measures taken during severe weather in Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

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