MedStar, John Peter Smith and Cook Children’s Hospital Help Reunite Mom and Baby After Tragedy

After a devastating car crash that took the life of dad and critically injured mom, John Peter Smith Hospital, Cook Children’s Hospital and MedStar staff surprised mom by arranging for her to see her newborn baby for the first time by taking a detour to stop at Cook Children’s Hospital during mom’s ambulance transfer from JPS in Fort Worth to Baylor Rehabilitation Center in Dallas. 


George Church, a MedStar Operations Supervisor who helped coordinate the reunion said at the time, “I’ve been in EMS a long time, and there are very few moments that get to me any more – this one got to me…”


This moment would not have been possible without the family centered, innovative thinking demonstrated by the staff of JPS, Cook Children’s and MedStar! 


Great job all!!


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