Between January and March 2018, MedStar responded to 1,108 calls in which our crews identified a primary or secondary clinical impression of Influenza Like Illness (ILI).

Hospitals in our area experienced significant influx of patients with the flu, leading to increased hospital occupancy, and consequently, ED overcrowding and patient throughput challenges.

We’d like to help reduce that number this year, so MedStar is being pro-active by offering mobile flu vaccine clinics for 10 or more at places of convenience for YOU!

Vaccines are $25 each and we can either bill the organizer based on a roster provided by the organizer, or individuals can pay for the vaccines with us providing documentation on-site for insurance reimbursement.  Payments can be made by cash, debit/credit card or Apple Pay.

To schedule an on-site flu vaccine clinic, complete the form below, call 817-632-0522, or email