MedStar Participates in Red Light Salute and Moment of Silence

As a demonstration of support of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth, and all our law enforcement brethren, MedStar joined area Law Enforcement Agencies in the RED & BLUE FLASHING LIGHT SUPPORT.


All MedStar vehicles that were not on a call, paused in a safe, but visible location and turned on their emergency lights for 1 minute today at 11a.  Administrative personnel wore blue attire in tribute as well.


MedStar also simultaneously observed 1 minute of radio silence. 


It is our hope that this event will encourage citizens everywhere to appreciate and demonstrate thanks to the men and women who place their lives on the line every day, standing in the gap between us and chaos!


Click here to listen to the audio recording of the Moment of Radio Silence Tribute.




Multiple MedStar units not deployed in the field were staged in front of our

headquarters at 2900 Alta Mere Drive for the 11a display and

moment of silence.

(Photo Courtesy of Bob Strickland Photography)


The Burleson Contingent!