MedStar Receives 2015 AMBY Award from the American Ambulance Association


The American Ambulance Association (AAA) presented MedStar Mobile Healthcare with the 2015 AMBY Award – an honor that recognizes the best practices in the ambulance industry.


We are honored to recognize the leaders in our industry that demonstrate a commitment to improving the services provided to their communities.” – Mike Hall, President, American Ambulance Association


The AMBYs highlight excellence in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) profession and the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit that epitomize AAA members. The mission of the Awards is to showcase creativity and innovation in the ambulance industry by fostering a culture of collaboration, cooperation and a passion for excellence in patient care.


AMBY recipients are honored for their commitment to excellence in the ambulance industry and their willingness to share their best practices with their peers. “The innovative practices of AAA members are quite amazing,” cites Ron Thackery, co-chair of the Professional Standards Committee that judged the entries.  Submissions included many ideas that can be easily implemented by other EMS agencies.  Most importantly,” Thackery emphasizes, “these innovations improve healthcare.”


MedStar’s award was for Best Industry & Stakeholder Education and was presented to MedStar for their book entitled “Mobile Integrated Healthcare – Approach to Implementation” published by Jones and Bartlett Publishing, which has been used by numerous agencies and communities across the country to set up integrated care programs like the one’s MedStar has implemented in the Fort Worth, Texas.  These programs include 9-1-1 nurse triage, special programs for patients who are high 9-1-1 and emergency department utilizers, patients at-risk for preventable hospital readmissions, and integrated partnerships with home health and hospice agencies.


It is an honor to be recognized by the American Ambulance Association, with such a prestigious award”, said Doug Hooten, MedStar’s Executive Director and a Co-Author of the book upon accepting the award.  Being recognized by our industry for a project that has helped so many communities improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient’s experience of care, and reduce healthcare expenditures, like we have accomplished in the Fort Worth area, makes this award very special for MedStar and our employee team members that make this happen every day in our community.”

The Award was presented to MedStar at the AAA Annual Conference and Trade Show at an Awards Reception on Monday, November 2, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


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