MedStar Seeks to Brighten Holidays for the Homeless


MedStar is working to bring a little cheer to our homeless citizens this holiday season by making care package gift bags for our team members to deliver to the homeless over the holidays.


The gift bags we will hand out will be gallon sized zip lock bags and include travel-size or small sizes of the following items:

  • Single packets of hot chocolate
  • Tubes of chap stick
  • Packs of baby wipes
  • Powder, deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrush
  • Peanut butter crackers, Chex mix (or other snack items)
  • Hand lotion, body wash, feminine products, and disposable razors/shaving cream
  • Socks


We will also be including an uplifting note of encouragement into each care package. 


If you would like to donate items, there is a donations box in the lobby of MedStar Mobile Healthcare's headquarters located at 2900 Alta Mere Dr., Fort Worth, TX, 76116.


For more information, contact Macara Trusty at MedStar.


Thank you for your support!


Sample Homeless Gift/Care Package: