Specifically Designed for and by MedStar Field Staff and Patients

Fort Worth, TX — September 12, 2018 – This is a ground breaking month for MedStar and the community we serve. For over 30 years, MedStar has used “Type 3” ambulances, a van type of ambulance with an attached patient compartment box. But, starting this month, new “Type 1” ambulances on a pick-up truck chassis with a ‘floating’ patient compartment will be hitting the streets.

These new ambulances represent a $13.5 million commitment by MedStar to the safety and comfort of our patients and ambulance crews. Since MedStar operates without any tax subsidy, this investment does not use any taxpayer funding. The ambulances are manufactured by Demers Ambulances, a North American leader in ambulance manufacturing.

Demers designed a new Dodge Type 1 model after extensive input from MedStar’s field crews. Some of the specialized features specifically designed to MedStar’s specifications include:

- An integrated, under the hood generator that powers a dual high-performance air conditioning system, critical to providing mobile healthcare services to patients in the hot Texas environment.

- A specially designed ‘floating’ patient compartment to smooth the ride for patients and crew members when performing medical care in the back of the moving ambulance.

 - Revolutionary crew seating that allows paramedics to complete patient care interventions while fully secured in a four–point harness for safety.

- A refrigerated safe to secure medications.5 ‘live-view’ cameras on the ambulance, allowing the personnel to observe patient care, and provide an exterior view from the sides, front and rear of the ambulance.

MedStar will deploy 60 of these new ambulances over the next 5 years.

“We listened to our crews and our patients in designing our new ambulance platform” explains MedStar CEO, Doug Hooten. “Our patient experience survey’s reveal that the previous ambulances are not comfortable for our patients – the innovative suspension system for these ambulances will go a long way to keeping our patients and our crews safe and comfortable”.

Ken Simpson, MedStar’s Chief Operations Officer commented “The cooling system on this ambulance is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It will definitely help our personnel, and our patients, beat the sweltering Texas heat!”

A “ribbon cutting” for the new ambulances will be held on Monday, September 17th, starting at 4:30pm at MedStar’s headquarters, 2900 Alta Mere Drive, Fort Worth. 

Ambulance Photos: