MedStar's Team makes Trick or Treat wishes come true for 2 families

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible this year!


Special thanks to the crews who came in for the event; Jacob Mooney (who also decorated his ambulance in full AmbuZombie decorations!), Alex Fernandez, Bettina Martin, Darlene Komarek, for volunteering to come in for the event… 


Thanks also to Safety Clowns Jimmy Aycox and Amber Akers; Field Supervisors Greg Willis, Marshall Sharp and Nate Raymond for coordinating coverage, the communications team for getting all the calls into the CAD and handled so efficiently and the Logistics Team for arranging a last minute vehicle swap….


And, the Berkeley Place HOA once again demonstrated why THEY are THE neighborhood for trick or treaters!  They did another spectacular job welcoming Savanah, Eden and the families for this year’s event.


The families involved were overwhelmed with emotion and you all have made, what Debbie shared with me by text message “the group of people you had us with were amazing, thank you so much for the awesome memories I will cherish forever!!!”


The event was covered by our local media partners and you can view the various news clips below:


ABC 8 story on the eve of the event

NBC 5 live coverage

NBC 5 full story

CBS 11 story

Fox 4 Story