Local Media Partners Conduct MedStar Interviews and Ride Alongs to Highlight the Perils of Hot Weather

Meredith Yeomans from NBC 5 and Gabriel Roxas from CBS 11 ride out with MedStar personnel to bring awareness to the community about the hazards from our prolonged hot weather, and the hazards faced by our crews operating in this harsh environment.

FOX 4 and KRLD also conducted interviews highlighting the steps to take in order to keep safe during this heat spell.

Click here to watch the NBC 5 clip.

Click here to watch the CBS 11 clip. (We apologize that this clip is choppy - an issue with the clipping service)

Click here to watch the 2nd CBS 11 clip.

Click here to watch the FOX 4 clip.

Click here to listen to the KRLD clip.