At MedStar, we believe in putting the patient at the heart of everything we do, this includes not only the CLINICAL care we deliver, but also the patient's EXPERIENCE with our communications, field and business office team members.


Hospitals, physicians, skilled nursing and home health agencies are required by the federal government to assess and report their patient experience scores using an external agency approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and a process that eliminates the perception of bias in any way.  


As a mobile healthcare provider, MedStar is one of only 147 EMS agencies in the country that believe we should hold ourselves accountable for patient experience the same way the rest of the healthcare system does - using an outside agency and pure data collection methods.  


These innovative agencies have chosen to use the EMS Survey Team (EMSST) and follow the same process as the rest of the healthcare system.  Monthly, MedStar uploads all our emergency patient data for that month to a secure EMSST server.  The EMSST then uses a computer algorithm to select a representative sample of patients to contact and conduct a patient experience survey.  




The results from these surveys are then analyzed and provided in a detailed report each month.  MedStar never sends or receives the actual survey data, it is a completely external process.


Our data is not only reported monthly as an individual agency, but as a quarterly roll-up compared to all similar EMS agencies in the data base.


MedStar's EMSST monthly and quarterly reports are available below.

It is with great pleasure that we release MedStar’s 2nd Quarter 2018 EMS Survey Team Patient Experience report and highlight that MedStar’s Team scored the 2nd highest patient experience scores for all 147 EMS agencies included in the database.

This report is generated from externally conducted, randomized surveys of MedStar patient contacts.

MedStar scored the highest of all agencies in the EMS Survey Team Database in the following categories:

Top 4 Scores – Field Operations (Out of 100) Score

  • Cleanliness of the ambulance                                                                98.4
  • Extent to which our staff eased your entry into the medical facility       97.7
  • How well our staff worked together to care for you                               97.8
  • Medics' concern for your privacy                                                           96.7

Top 4 Scores – Non-Field Operations (Out of 100)

  • Willingness of the staff in our billing office to address your needs         97.2
  • Professionalism of the staff in our billing office                                      97.2
  • Likelihood of recommending this service to others                                96.7
  • Helpfulness of the person you called for ambulance service                  95.1

We are exceptionally proud of all our Team members for these amazing accomplishments!!



As a further commitment to patient experience metrics, MedStar authored an article in the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) on the subject and have presented nationally on this topic.


Click here for a copy of the article


Click here to view a PDF of a recent presentation