Medstar Saver Membership is Available to Anyone Who Lives or Works in the MedStar Service Area!



It’s unfortunate, but medical emergencies and accidents do happen, and they can happen to anyone; when they do, MedStar Mobile Healthcare will be there for you and your family.   


We provide professional emergency service with trained medical staff and the very latest medical equipment. 


Did you know the average cost for an emergency transport is more than $1,500? Does your insurance policy cover this? Are you financially prepared?


Even with insurance coverage, there are deductibles and co-payments to consider. Medicare denies coverage to more than forty percent of claims for ambulance service. After a denial from Medicare, a MedStar Saver member will receive a 40% discount of total billed charges.


Don’t waste precious time hesitating to call 9-1-1 because you’re worried about the ambulance bill. Give your family the gift of security and peace of mind through a MedStar Saver membership. 


A MedStar Saver membership is available to anyone* who lives or works in the MedStar service area. This membership can protect your entire household with unlimited emergency transports for the full year of your active membership. The membership covers anyone who permanently resides in your household, who is included on your application! 


Only $69 for your entire household of resident relatives covers members with health insurance or $110 for those without insurance. 



*Due to State of Texas regulations, Medicaid recipients are not eligible for the MedStar Saver program.


Call 817-923-3700 x 135 for more information, or:

Click here to enroll on-line

Click here for a print version of the enrollment form you can sign and mail


To request an educational presentation about MedStar Saver for your organization, please fill out the request form below:




Print and sign the MedStar Saver Membership Application and return it with your payment.


$69 with health insurance


$110 without health insurance


Remember; your MedStar Saver membership covers your entire household!


Mail your completed application and payment to:


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Metropolitan Area EMS Authority 

DBA MedStar

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PO Box 163603

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