Ambulance and Standby Medical Services Permitting Process

The Uniform EMS Ordinance and the corresponding Restated Interlocal Cooperative Agreement adopted by its Member Cities reaffirmed that the Metropolitan Area EMS Authority (MAEMSA) is charged with regulating the transportation of patients by ambulance, specialized mobile intensive care units, specialty care transport vehicles, and by aero-medical fixed wing and rotary aircraft. No person or entity may provide these services without a permit from MAEMSA. This requirement extends to all medical transports originating in the MAEMSA member cities (the “Service Area”).

MAEMSA is also charged with overseeing the provision of special event standby medical services in the Service Area. Any entity providing ambulance standby must have a permit from MAEMSA. Any person providing Pre-hospital care as an ECA, EMT, Paramedic, or emergency ambulance dispatcher within the Service Area must be credentialed by MAEMSA’s Office of the Medical Director.

In order to facilitate implementation of these provisions of the Interlocal Agreement and Uniform EMS Ordinance, the MAEMSA has developed an agency permitting process for any agency or persons wishing to provide special event medical services, ambulance, specialized mobile intensive care units, specialty care transport vehicles, and aero-medical fixed wing and rotary aircraft operating within the MAEMSA service area.

The attached documents and on-line applications will guide agencies and personnel wishing to provide either ground or aeromedical ambulance services, or EMS medical standby services in the MAEMSA Service Area.

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Forms and Guides:

MAEMSA Permitting and Credentialing Guide

Agency Application Form

Individual Application Form

Special Event Plan Form

MAEMSA Permit Multi-Personnel Roster

EMS Standby Permit Plan

Executed Member City Interlocal Agreement and Uniform EMS Ordinance Promulgated in Each Member City


Approved and Permitted Medical Standby and Ambulance Providers:

Air Evac Life Team

609 Medical Center Drive, Suite 500

Decatur, Texas  76234

CareFlite - Air / CareFlite - Ground

3110 S. Great Southwest Parkway 

Grand Prairie, TX 75052

(972) 339-4200

Trans-Care Medical Transport

Kennedale, TX

(817) 966-3748