MedStar Mobile Healthcare has been on the “bleeding edge” of the transition from simply and emergency medical services agency, to a full integrated mobile healthcare agency.

You may have heard about these programs at national conferences such as EMS Today, EMS World Expo, Pinnacle EMS and FireRescueMed, but hearing is much different than seeing!

MedStar offers site visits to agencies and communities who want to actually experience the programs you may have only heard or read about.

Over the last 9 years, 221 agencies/communities from 42 states and 7 foreign countries have visited MedStar to learn about our Mobile Integrated Healthcare programs, and about high performance EMS. Hosting these visitors has helped us perfect the experience of site visits to maximize the benefit for those attending.

Site visits are tailored to the specific agency and community attending. Topics typically covered during the one-day site visits include:

Morning Session:

  • The new healthcare environment that led us to develop our mobile integrated healthcare programs
  • The development, implementation and results for the MedStar programs
  • Medical control, provider selection and provider training
  • Electronic Medical Records vs. Electronic Patient Care Reports
  • Community Care Coordination Councils
  • Funding and sustainability models

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Ride-outs with Mobile Healthcare Practitioners
  • Sit-ins with our 9-1-1 PSAP with our Triage Nurse
  • Small group discussions:
    • Strategies for stakeholder engagement
    • Coalition building
    • Program development and implementation

To help maximize your experience, we recommend the following people participate in a site visit:

  • Agency Director
  • Agency Medical Director
  • Representative of the labor union (if applicable)
  • Representative of your local hospitals
  • Representative of a local payer

MedStar is a governmental agency and to help offset the time commitment by our Executive and Management teams for the site visits, we request a site visit fee of $3,000 per agency. Breakfast and lunch are included. If the visiting agency engages MedStar to help them accelerate the implementation of a mobile integrated healthcare program, we will credit $3,000 site visit fee is toward your consulting fee.

To request a site visit, download the site visit request form and fax to 817-632-0537, or complete the information below. For additional information, please submit a contact form and choose “Ambulance and Career Days” as the “Topic” dropdown here