MIH-CP Outcome Measures Project

MedStar is part of a group of Mobile Integrated Healthcare – Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP) leaders facilitating the development of a uniform set of comprehensive outcome measures for MIH-CP programs.

This MIH-CP Performance Measurement project is being undertaken to describe performance measures which encourage achieving the optimum sustainability and utilization of patient centered, mobile resources in the out-of hospital environment and achieves the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim® — improve the quality and experience of care; improve the health of populations; and reduce per capita cost.

This document addresses pay for performance and program performance measurement in the area of community health services provided in the MIH-CP models. It offers a “universe” of measures from which an agency (or a state that is sponsoring MIH-CP pilot projects) can choose to describe the outcomes of the suite of services that it provides.

The document provides a data dictionary for, and descriptions of, outcome measures that will produce data that can be compared from program to program across the country. These descriptions will enable an agency to easily establish these measures.

The document describes the core measures that any agency establishing an MIH or CP program should utilize. They are designed to be as robust as possible, however, it is acknowledged that not every agency or program will be able to measure every outcome described in this document.

It is anticipated that the measures selected by the agencies to track and report be calculated and reported using the data set and formula contained in this document to help ensure uniformity in data presented.

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