MedStar is currently accepting proposals for the following goods and/or services:


Vending Services

Metropolitan Area EMS Authority d/b/a MedStar Mobile Healthcare (“MedStar”) seeks proposals in response to this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) from experienced contractors to provide professional and high quality vending services as described in this RFP. Responses to this RFP must be delivered by mail or in person to:


Attn: Shaun Curtis

2900 Alta Mere Drive

Fort Worth, Texas 76116

The Deadline to submit a response to this RFP is 4:30 pm on Wednesday, 1/22/20. MedStar will not consider any responses received after the submission deadline.

Click here to view the full RFP document.

Instructions to Respondents

The responses to the RFP shall be submitted in a sealed envelope. Each envelope must be clearly marked on the outside with the notation “Request for Proposal –Vending Services; [Respondent’s Name and Address]”.

MedStar may, in its sole discretion, reject any or all proposals. The successful bidder, if any, will be required to enter into contract with MedStar which will incorporate the RFP and the response to the RFP.

All questions concerning this RFP shall be directed to Shaun Curtis, Support Services Manager with MedStar, via Phone (817) 980-3199 or email Respondents will communicate only with Mr. Curtis on matters relating to the RFP and will not communicate with any other employee or representatives of MedStar.

The Successful bidder will provide vending services for MedStar property located at 2900 Alta Mere Drive, Fort Worth TX, and the MedStar site located at 8928 Medical City Way, Fort Worth TX, 76177. The facility at 8928 Medical City Way is currently under construction with a projected opening of March 1, 2020.

Potential bidders will be allowed to schedule site visits for Alta Mere through Mr. Curtis for purpose of gaining measurements and evaluating the vending services currently provided.