Make your next event a safe one.

MedStar Event Medical can provide specialized EMS standby resources for any size event located within North Central Texas. MedStar does this through various kinds of delivery models- all of which are staffed by the highly trained EMTs and Paramedics of MedStar Mobile Healthcare.

Specialized Medical Event Teams



ALS (Paramedic and EMT) or BLS (2 EMT’s) on one of our ambulances depending on event specific needs. This crew is dedicated to the event for ALS or BLS care on scene or to transport for care and evaluation. 

Bicycle Emergency Response Teams

ALS (Paramedic and EMT) or BLS (2 EMT’s) first response on bicycles stocked with supplies to handle any illness or injury. The bicycle teams are utilized for organized runs and parades.


Rodeo Team

ALS (Paramedic and EMT) or BLS (2 EMT’s) responders with supplies to handle any type of injury or illness.   The Rodeo Team personnel are highly trained in responses for rodeo participants and serve the Fort Worth Stock Show and North Texas High School Rodeo Association.

Mule Team

ALS (Paramedic and EMT) or BLS (2 EMT’s) response on a modified Kawasaki Mule equipped with supplies to handle any type of injury or illness and a stretcher.  Mule Teams are used to transport patients to an awaiting ambulance or out of congested areas for evaluation and care. Mule Teams are utilized for street fairs, sporting events and other outdoor activities.


First Aid Station

ALS (Paramedic and EMT) or BLS (2 EMT’s) providers staffing a static location at an event with supplies to handle any type of injury or illness. Tent, tables and chairs can be provided if not available.   


Standby Command personnel

Incident Command System and National Incident Management System proficient MedStar Supervisor experienced in overseeing medical coordination and oversight at large scale events with multiple EMS resources and/or multi-agency interaction. A MedStar Supervisor is required at any event where 3 or more resources are requested.


Event Planing

The Events section of MedStar Mobile Healthcare will develop an Event Medical Plan. An EMP is a plan for emergency providers to follow that will consist of locations of first aid stations, command post and detail the medical procedures for the event. The plan is also important to include responders with information of on-site communications and entrance to the event for other emergency personnel. This information is vital for event staff and public safety responders to have an organized and coordinated response and a key to a successful event.

Get Started

Important info

If you require any information regarding an event please contact the events department at 817-840-2058 or email us by clicking here.

Should any information regarding the event change such as the date or time, please contact the events department.

For cancellations the day of an event contact the MedStar Communications Center at 817-927-9620.