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Quick!  The person next to you just collapsed in cardiac arrest, or is bleeding to death from a traumatic injury!

You have only 2 minutes to save a life!  Do you know what to do?

MedStar crews responded to 1,227 cardiac arrest calls in the past 12 monthsOnly 510 of these patients received Bystander CPR, one of the greatest predictors of cardiac arrest survival. 

Major bleeding can lead to death in a matter of minutes. Knowledgeable bystanders can implement quick bleeding control techniques before EMS arrival.

MedStar offers free Stop the Bleed and Hands Only CPR classes to groups of 10 or more.  Classes can be done at our HQ facility on Alta Mere Drive in Fort Worth, or at a location convenient for you in MedStar’s service area.   

Attendees complete a 60-minute video training prior to being scheduled for a 1 hour practical skills instruction segment.

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Be more than a bystander – be a #citizenresponder !