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On the evening of March 27th, MedStar crew members Miguel Brito and Ryan Bader were enroute to a posting location when they drove up on an MVC that had just occurred at 35W Nb ramp to 20 Eb ramp in Fort Worth.

As they approached the scene they saw a small sedan fully engulfed in flames. They acted quickly and grabbed the fire extinguisher of the ambulance. They did their best to suppress the flames, enough so that they could began rapid extrication of the two unconscious adult patients in the vehicle and at this time noted fluids leaking from one of the vehicles.

They moved quickly to get one patient out as the flames approached. They dragged the patient to safety to the back of the scene, next to the ambulance, but they still had to get the second patient out of the car. They both worked rapidly to get the other patient out of the car. The patient was pinned under the dash.

In the midst of all this, one of the MedStar crew members suffered several minor lacerations to his arm and injured his back to get the trapped patient out of the car. They called for additional resources, and started to work quickly, providing lifesaving care to both patients.

Both extricated patients, and a 3rd patient with minor injuries were transported to an area trauma center.

If it was not for the MedStar crew’s valiant efforts, the patients on would not have been given a chance to survive and would have likely burned alive in the car.

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