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For the period of December 23 through December 25, 2019, MedStar crews responded to 85 crashes with injuries, with 40 people being transported to area hospitals.

This includes 5 rollovers and 7 auto/pedestrian crashes.  No patients were dead on scene.

Between December 23 – 26, 2018, MedStar crews responded to 116 car crashes on area roadways, including 11 rollovers and 5 auto pedestrian crashes.  3 people lost their lives in car crashes in our service area during that time frame.

Here are some reminders as the post-Christmas travel frenzy begins:

  • Although there is good weather predicted here, if you are driving to areas away from here, be sure to check the weather along your route and plan for travel around any storms that may be in the area you are traveling.
  • Please be sure to use seat belts and, of course, no one should drink and drive.
  • Drivers should be well rested, alert and give their full attention to the road – avoid distractions.
  • Make frequent stops and for long trips, rotate drivers.
  • If you are driving with gifts, be sure they are well secured, and do not obstruct your vision.

We wish you a merry and SAFE Christmas holiday!