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Many EMS agencies across the country are crumbling under the weight of soaring response volume, staffing shortages and extended hospital delays due to hospital capacity issues.

While we are facing soaring response volumes at MedStar as well, and have numerous Team members quarantined with COVID, our MedStars have really stepped up to work extra shifts to help meet the rising EMS needs in our community! 

Special thanks also to our 911 communications center personnel who do an incredible job prioritizing EMS calls to assure the most serious calls get the fastest response.  While low-acuity calls may take a little longer for us to get to, our 911 center staff assure patients are safe and reassured!

Take a moment to thank First Responders and frontline healthcare workers who, despite nearly insurmountable odds of spiking demand, personal health risks and staffing shortages, are working super hard and doing AMAZING work caring for our communities!