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Last year, MedStar crews treated 452 motorcycle crash victims, 65 were critically injured, and 13 were dead on sceneSo far this year, we’ve treated 111 motorcycle crash victims, 18 were critical, and 4 were dead on scene

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and to support victims and First Responders, MedStar and area First Response agencies are making Rider Alert Safety Cards available for all area motorcycle riders.

Matt Zavadsky of MedStar explains that this card is born out of experience; it has been designed by paramedics who have been on both sides of an accident as the injured rider, or a first responder.  “As an EMS provider and a motorcycle rider, I have the Rider Alert card and sticker on my helmet.  Accessing this basic information after an ‘unscheduled dismount’ can sometimes be impossible.  This small tool could mean the difference between life and death.”

“Many motorcycle crash victims are often unconscious when we arrive making it very difficult for us to know the patient’s medical history or emergency contacts” explains Shannon Rucker, a veteran MedStar paramedic and avid motorcyclist. “Another major concern for crash victims are untrained Good Samaritans attempting to remove the rider’s helmet, which can cause further injury.”

The Rider Alert card is placed inside a rider’s helmets and contains vital, life-saving information, emergency contacts, and any important medical history. When first responders arrive on the scene of a motorcycle crash, a one-inch, sticker on the outside of the helmet indicates that the biker has the Rider Alert card inside their helmet. The sticker also warns untrained responders not to remove the helmet, which could prevent further injury.

The card and decal are free and can be picked up at MedStar’s headquarters at 2900 Alta Mere Drive, at any Haslet, Haltom City or Lake Worth Fire Station, and at most motorcycle dealerships throughout the Fort Worth area.  Or, we are happy to pop a couple in the mail for you – simply send your request to