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May 15 – 21 is National Emergency Medical Services WeekYour local EMS system includes ambulance, fire, police, dispatchers and emergency room professionals who are ready 24/7 to care for you on your worst day. 

EMS is a dangerous profession.  Personnel respond to violent scenes and hazardous environments, putting their lives at risk to save yours.  EMS workers have been on the front line of the COVID pandemic, putting themselves at risk while waging war on an invisible enemy.  Tragically, hundreds of EMS professionals have died in the line of duty, many from the coronavirus. 

Across the country, many of these workers are volunteers – shop owners, teachers, mechanics, farmers, ranchers – who put their lives on hold, and at risk, volunteering their time to respond to your 9-1-1 call. 

This week, please, if you see an EMT/Paramedic, police officer, firefighter, dispatcher or emergency room worker, take a moment to express your appreciation for their sacrifices – standing in the gap between you and the grim reaper, saying ‘not on my watch!

Artwork Courtesy of Daniel Sundahl