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So far in 2023, MedStar crews have responded to 55 auto-pedestrian crashes on limited access highways in the Fort Worth area.

 Sadly, in 16 of these incidents a patient was dead on scene.

Just this month, MedStar crews responded to 3 auto-pedestrian crashes on limited access highways and tragically, all 3 of these crashes have been fatal.

So far in 2023, 16 of the 31 fatal auto-pedestrian crashes (52%) have been on limited access highways.

MedStar and John Peter Smith Health System encourage drivers to follow the advice of TxDOT and if your vehicle becomes disabled on the highway, STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE, and call the TxDOT free roadside assistance HERO (Highway Emergency Response Operator) program at 1-800-525-5555.

“These three tragic cases this month are a stark and tragic reminder of the life-threatening risks of standing around a disabled vehicle on the highway,” explains Dr. Rajesh Gandhi, the Chief of Trauma Services at JPS’ Level 1 Trauma Center, “the pedestrian doesn’t stand a chance when hit by a vehicle traveling in excess of 50 miles per hour.”

“It’s generally much safer to stay in your vehicle, surrounded by rigid materials and typically much more visible to passing cars,” according to Matt Zavadsky, a spokesperson and field EMT for MedStar. “The HERO units can come to you, protect the scene with a vehicle equipped with emergency lighting and a space cushion while they put gas in your car, or change a tire, it’s much safer for everyone.”