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MedStar crews, like many EMS agencies across the U.S., continue to respond to an unprecedented number of emergency medical calls in our community.

Thankfully, it appears the CrAzY summertime response volume has started to decline!

Response volume in October of ’23 was 4.9% higher than October ’22 and 9.0% higher than October ’21.

We continue to be blessed with the ability to retain, recruit and deploy staff to increase daily ambulance resources to meet this rising demand, somewhat bucking the national the national EMS worker shortage.  

Below is a chart of the average daily staff ambulance “Unit Hours”.  A ‘unit hour’ represents one hour of a staffed on-duty ambulance.

This staffing trend somewhat bucks the national trend for many EMS agencies who are struggling to staff units to meet community needs.

Also below is the summary of MedStar’s response volume, patient destination, and ECG transmission summary through October 2023.

Click here to view or download the full report.