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Last week, MedStar was awarded Certification by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a Comprehensive Clinical Management Program (CCMP).

Designation as a CCMP EMS agency is awarded after a rigorous application process, including a site review by the State, that certifies excellence in training, education, and quality improvement. 

This designation means that the clinicians affiliated with a licensed EMS agency can be recertified by the State of Texas using the agency credentialing and maintenance requirements instead of having to meet the CE requirements of the state EMS office.

The designation process is so rigorous and comprehensive that only 5 of the other ~750 (0.7%) state-licensed EMS agencies have attained this designation!

A true testament to MedStar’s focus on clinical care, training, education, and quality improvement processes! 

 So much so, that the state trusts us to recertify our own personnel without requiring state verification!





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