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It’s not every day that a child is brought into this world inside a MOVING vehicle, but that’s exactly what happened the early morning of Monday, January 14th. Angel Nanjole was in active labor with her full term baby Marc.

They were driving by car from Haltom City to Baylor Scott & White All Saints in Fort Worth when Marc decided it was time for him to be born!

Angel’s sister called 9-1-1 because Marc was not breathing and was connected with MedStar Emergency Medical Dispatcher Lindy Curtis. Lindy immediately went to work doing what she does multiple times a shift, asking the location and nature of the emergency.

To Lindy’s surprise, the patient was mobile, traveling on SR 121 into downtown Fort Worth. Despite Lindy’s best efforts, the driver of the car was not going to stop and wait for the nearby ambulance.

To make things more intense, Marc was not breathing!

Lindy began providing infant CPR instructions to Angel’s sister while the car was still traveling, with Baylor All Saints being the family’s planned destination.

Simultaneously, MedStar dispatch supervisor, Luvinia Warren, called Baylor ER to give them the heads up that a neonate in cardiac arrest was arriving at their ER entrance by private vehicle, with a description of the car.

Baylor’s ER personnel ran to the car and took over CPR from and worked feverishly to resuscitate Marc.

Baylor staff’s skill and expertise paid off! We are thrilled to report that Marc and Angel are doing fine and were discharged from Baylor Tuesday afternoon.