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All MedStar Ambulances are designated as a Safe Baby Site in the event parents need to make the gut-wrenching decision to turn the care of their baby over to someone else.

The Baby Moses Law, also known as the Safe Haven Law, allows parents to legally abandon their children with no questions asked.  

The purpose of the law is to provide a responsible option for distressed parents who see no alternative beyond infant abandonment. 

Texas passed the nation’s first Baby Moses law in 1999 after a sudden increase in deserted infants.  Since the passage of the law, over one hundred babies have been safely relinquished and each state has enacted similar legislation to reduce infant abandonment.

In the event a child that appears to be 60 days of age or younger is delivered to a MedStar ambulance or crew member, we:

  • Perform initial assessments and administer indicated care in accordance with protocol.
  • Transport the child to the nearest pediatric receiving facility.