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MedStar Releases MedStarSaver+PLUS: MedStar on Demand to Area Residents

Program Offers 24/7 Access to Community Paramedics for Peace of Mind to Avoid a Preventable ER Visit

It’s 7:30 in the evening and your kiddo comes in from playing outside with a mild asthma attack.  Her rescue inhaler is not working as well as it usually does.  Or your mom wakes up at 1 o’clock in the morning with mild difficulty breathing due to her congestive heart failure.  What do you do in these cases?  You don’t think a 911 response is necessary, but you would like to have a trusted medical provider come check them out and administer medical care.

MedStar has a solution!  MedStarSaver+PLUS: MedStar on Demand is a subscription-based service that offers 24-hour access to our community paramedic team to care for minor medical or trauma conditions that do not require a 911 response. 

If you do call 911, MedStar on Demand members will typically receive a MedStar community paramedic response, along with the ambulance and first responders. The community paramedic can use special protocols and procedures to treat the patient on scene, potentially preventing an avoidable ambulance trip to an emergency department.

In addition to these benefits, StarSaver+PLUS, MedStar on Demand members are also protected from balances due after insurance pays for medically necessary ambulance service.

For more information, or to enroll in this new valuable service available in MedStar’s service area, visit: