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November 14 – 18 is National Crash Responder Safety Awareness Week.

Over the past 12 months, MedStar and our area police, fire, towing and roadside support service partners responded to 13,514 motor vehicle crashes, that’s an average of 37 crashes per day!

Collectively, traffic incident responders work to assist road users in need, applying well-rehearsed procedures to provide emergency traffic control and quickly clear incidents from roadways.

During many of these responses, we stand roadside with cars and trucks going by as fast as 80 miles per hour or more. 

We want drivers to understand the risks that we take every day, and the importance of slowing down and moving over when they pass.

During National Crash Responder Safety Awareness Week, we want to remind drivers to promote Slow Down, and Move Over to protect these responders!

When passing an incident scene, motorists are asked to slow down and, if possible, move over into an adjacent lane to provide a protective buffer for responders and the motorists behind you.