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The Metropolitan Area EMS Authority (MedStar Mobile Healthcare) Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Jeffrey L. Jarvis, MD, MS, EMT-P, FACEP, FAEMS has been named as the EMS System Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer for MedStar Mobile Healthcare. Dr. Jarvis was selected after an extensive national search with a multitude of qualified applicants, according to Dr. Janice Knebl, the EMS Authority Board Chairman. 

Dr. Jarvis is an outstanding EMS clinical leader locally and nationally, serving as the EMS Medical Director for Williamson County (TX) EMS, were he implemented numerous innovative programs, including a data-driven approach to improving the safety of airway management and an education-focused, metric-centered continuous quality improvement program. He was also involved with the implementation of a widely recognized Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedic program. Dr. Jarvis is also the Medical Director for Marble Falls Area EMS, Chief Medical Officer for FlightbridgeED and the Associate Medical Director for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. He holds dual board certification in both Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services.

Dr. Jarvis began his career in EMS over 37 years ago as a volunteer firefighter in rural East Texas. He has worked in three states as a paramedic and maintains his active paramedic license today. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Jarvis has served as both the Texas State EMS Training Coordinator and the founding Department Chair of the EMS Professions program at Temple College. Dr. Jarvis teaches extensively and has authored multiple articles on EMS issues in both peer-reviewed and industry journals. His research interests include airway management and clinical performance measures. Dr. Jarvis serves on the board of directors for the National EMS Quality Alliance where he chairs the Measure Development Committee as well serving as the chair of the EMS Committee of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

“Our EMS system is one of the most innovative and well recognized in the country. Dr. Jarvis has a very patient-centered approach, a demonstrated history of implementing innovations in local communities, statewide, and nationally, and a passion for EMS patient-outcomes driven focus and research, making him the perfect fit for our community” says Dr. Knebl.  “Under the clinical leadership of Dr Jarvis, we will be able to continue our high-quality service to the community and the transformation of MedStar, and our entire EMS system, from the provision of the first responder emergency medical services to becoming a fully integrated partner with the community and healthcare system”. 

Dr. Jarvis will start his new role on November 14, 2022.