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In an Automobile

  • Stop driving.
    • If you see a safe place close-by (like inside a garage or under a service station awning), drive to it as soon as you can.
    • Make sure you pull completely off the highway.
    • Do NOT leave the vehicle until it stops hailing.
  • Stay away from car windows.
    • Cover your eyes with something, like a piece of clothing.
    • If possible, get onto the floor facedown or lie down on the seat with your back to the windows.
  • Put very small children under you and cover their eyes.


In a Building

  • Stay inside until the hail stops.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Account for all family members, building occupants, pets, etc.
  • Do not go outside for any reason.
  • To avoid the danger of electrocution from lightning, avoid using phones and electrical appliances during a severe storm.



  • Seek shelter immediately. If you can’t find something to protect your entire body, find something to protect your head.
  • Stay out of culverts and lowland areas that may suddenly fill with water.
  • Seeking shelter under trees should be a last resort.
    • It is common during severe storms for trees to lose branches.