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In December 1985, the Fort Worth City Council unanimously approved the creation of the Fort Worth Ambulance Authority as a Public Utility Model (PUM) EMS Authority, and 38 years ago today, April 1, 1986, the Authority began operations as ‘MedStar’.

Two of our current team members were here on DAY ONE, Bob Strickland (pictured in the attached ‘opening day’ photo), and Richard Ponikiewski!

Richard was profiled in 2016 by EMS1, and his perspectives on life, and EMS, can be read here:

Over the years, thanks to people like Bob, Richard and thousands of others who have been part of the MedStar team, MedStar has become one of the most respected, innovative, and recognized EMS agencies in the country!

Many of those who built this agency and system, including those in the opening day photo, have gone on to be incredible leaders in the EMS profession! 

To learn more about MedStar’s history and development, including testimonials from community leaders, click here.