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MedStar, like other EMS agencies, is adding staff to handle likely increase in response volume.

We are grateful for those who may miss this historic event because they will likely be busy serving others. Essential servants like 911 call takers and other first responders, healthcare professionals, and others keeping us safe today!

We encourage people to watch the eclipse using eye protection specifically for viewing the sun – regular sun glasses won’t cut it, and could cause eye injuries!

If you are watching an entire eclipse, you may be in direct sunlight for hours. Remember to wear sunscreen, a hat, and protective clothing to prevent skin damage, and HYDRATE!

Biggest issue for all EMS personnel will likely be the influx of visitors, many who may not be familiar with our roads.

Getting to and from ‘viewing parties’:

  • Plan ahead, leave early, pack your patience!
  • If on the road, make sure that you pull into a safe location to watch the eclipse and avoid stopping on the roadway or parking on the shoulder.
  • Do not try to view the eclipse while driving.
  • Prepare your vehicle and yourself for extra time on the road. That means filling your tank, checking tire pressure and bringing water and snacks in case you need to sit in traffic for a while.
  • Be calm and courteous on the road, slow down and be ready for increased traffic,