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Fun Fact: Clowning Around for Safety Education

MedStar has a cadre of ‘Safety Clowns’ who help kiddos learn about safety and emergency medical care! These specially trained MedStar team member are graduates of our “Clown College”, an 8-hour training program that teaches them the history of clowning, types of clowns, how to be a clown, make up, costume, balloons, magic, performance tips, and how to conduct skits. During Clown College, they also develop their clown ‘persona’ (alter-ego 😉).

The program launched in 2014, and there are 7 current members of our Clown Team:

  • Crystal “Miss Sprinkles” Aquirre
  • Jimmy “Nitro Stat” Aycox
  • Taylor “Sprinkles” Cuthbertson
  • Laurence “Corn Flakes” Lau
  • Julia “Giitterbug” Livingston
  • Anita “PinkStar” Meadows
  • Amber “Miss Pickles” Munoz
  • Jason “Jelly Bean” Reed

These dedicated individuals attend numerous community events throughout the year, delighting thousands of kiddos (and maybe some adults?) teaching them about EMS, how to stay safe, and what to do in an emergency.




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