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Congratulations to the MedStar team, especially our Data Analytics Manager, Whitney Morgan, on this Poster Presentation at EMS World – Emergency Medical Services Expo this week on the findings of a study comparing 4,975 external patient experience survey responses to the 1 – 5 Likert scale question “Extent to which the ambulance arrived in a timely manner” for ambulance-only, low acuity 911 calls that we responded to without lights and siren.

Average customer ranking of timeliness of ambulance arrival was 4.8 out of 5, and increasing response time did not seem to have direct impact on the patient perception of timeliness.

This was confirmed utilizing the Kendall correlation coefficient with a very weak correlation score of – 0.01437.

This study is going national, with multiple agencies, and the National EMS Quality Alliance and the EMS Survey Team participating to see if there is any correlation of this perception to response times for low-acuity medical calls.

This could help provide insight into the ‘what patients expect’ concept when it comes to the efforts to help EMS agencies and communities redesign EMS systems to make responses to 911 calls more clinically relevant, and safer for the public and EMS personnel!